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The Three Gold Rules for the Future Sexual Medicine: Science, Culture, and Lifestyle

07/07/2023 - 08/07/2023
Beijing (Cina)
Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Center Liangmaqiao Road 50, 100125 Beijing, China

East and West are two expressions that refer to what was once (in the West!) considered the center of the world: Rome. However, the boundaries between the two worlds have always been highly permeable, even when the distances required men to bridge enormous distances. This was the case for the Silk Road, which is not only a thousand-year-old highway of commercial traffic but an artery of culture, knowledge, and science.
Certainly, a symbol of the (re)discovery of the dialogue between the East (represented by the fabulous Cathay) and the West (represented by one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice) is epitomized by the incredible journey of Marco Polo, soon imitated by another great and courageous Italian scientist, Matteo Ricci. The encounter of the two Italians with oriental culture was immediately characterized by deep mutual respect, which still exists and continuously blooms again.
The medicine of sexuality is probably the youngest branch of internal medicine. Since its inception as a true science, more or less 25-30 years ago, it has been nourished by dialogue, openness, and by the knowledge of different scientific and cultural expressions that collaborate in the understanding of the biologically most important function of all: the sexual one and the dysfunctions that affect it.
This explains the reason for this meeting organized by the Menarini Foundation: a meeting of dialogue between scientists from Italy, where the medicine of sexuality has produced some of the most prolific researchers, accompanied by famous opinion leaders from Europe, America, and other parts of the “Western” world with great scientists from China, where the medicine of sexuality is snowballing, also accompanied by well-known opinion leaders from Korea and Vietnam and other parts of the “Eastern” world.
Dialogue and mutual learning are pivotal in every field of science, but above all, in sexual medicine, which increasingly bases its work not only on the hydraulic and pharmacological aspects but on the holistic, indeed systemic, understanding of the couple and their health. Therefore, it appears evident that the millennial tradition of traditional medicines can ideally dialogue with Western diagnostics and therapy of sexual dysfunctions, brilliantly overcoming the difficulties of mutual understanding that there may be present. I am sure that these goals - also thanks to the generous unconditional support of the Menarini Foundation which has always supported the research of excellence and the dissemination of scientific knowledge - will be achieved in this meeting which celebrates new horizons of bright collaboration between East and West in the young, exciting field of sexual medicine!

 Prof. Emmanuele A. Jannini
 President of the Meeting


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