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Pre-symposium Of The Lash Congress - "Strategies To Reduce Morbidity And Prematurecardiovascular Mortality In Latin America"

For the first time in 14 years, a Central American Country has been chosen to carry out the Latin American Congress of Hypertension, for the commitment of the scientific committee and my presidency was to conduct a scientific event of great magnitude, which could be at the level of the congress Paris and Korea and for this reason we have designed roundtables in conjunction with various medical societies: ESH, ISH, SIAC among others, more than 60 teachers join us for 4 days of intense academic conferences and to help us better understand the Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Cardiovascular Continuum and Prevention in the development of cardiovascular events. On behalf of the Latin American Society of Hypertension and the Central American and Caribbean Society of Hypertension and Cardiovascular Prevention, you are invited to participate in this Congress for LASH and SCCH and his first Latin American course and pre congress which will be supported by Menarini International Foundation, called “Strategies to reduce morbidity and premature cardiovascular mortality in Latin America.” The hope in this country of Eternal Spring, which also receives you with open arms, can now be considered it as your home. Help us keep that from becoming Silent Murderer Chronicle of a Death Foretold. 

Prof. Fernando Wyss President of the Meeting

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