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Interstitial lung diseases: today and tomorrow

1° Session - 02 May 2022 3.00 p.m. -5.10 p.m.
2° Session - 11 May 2022 5.00 p.m. -7.00 p.m.
3° Session - 23 May 2022 3.00 p.m. -5.00 p.m.

Scientific Directors:
Prof. Carlo Vancheri and Prof. Luca Richeldi


Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILDs) are a large family of disorders characterized by inflammation and/or fibrosis of the lungs. Some ILDs, such as IPF and sarcoidosis, are idiopathic, others including hypersensitivity pneumonia and drug-induced ILDs_ recognize specific etiologic agents, some others are instead associated with systemic diseases as in the case of connective tissue diseases (CTD-ILDs). ILDs represent about 20 % of the lung diseases routinely seen by a pulmonologist in his daily activity and their number, due to the improvement of the diagnostic procedures, is increasing. It is also plausible that exposures to known risk factors such as smoking, but also to new and unknown environmental and professional agents or drugs may be responsible for this alarming trend. This, may easily explain the increasing scientific attention for ILDs by researchers and clinicians attracted by the wide array of “intriguing” basic and clinical issues associated with pathogenesis, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of this group of diseases. In particular, a large number of clinical, functional and radiological overlaps among ILDs makes their diagnosis extremely difficult and challenging. This meeting will address practical and still controversial or unresolved clinical issues related to ILDs. Pulmonologists, radiologists and other experts will bring together their knowledge with the unique aim to underline specific research or clinical aspects of ILDs that might be useful to make easier the management of ILDs for a larger audience of clinicians. The participation and commitment of international experts for this group of diseases, coming from very different scientific and clinical settings, confirms the relevance and the broad clinical interest for this important chapter of respiratory diseases.

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