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International Symposium on Update in CV high risk patients management and anticoagulation.

Mexico City (Mexico) 3rd - 4th December 2021

Prof. Raul Izaguirre, Prof. Athanasios J. Manolis & Prof. Juan Verdejo 

Dear Friends Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and Fondazione Internazionale Menarini, it
is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the upcoming International Symposium
on “Update in Cardiovascular High Risk Patients Management and Anticoagulation”
(hybrid event), which will be held in Mexico City on December 3rd-4th 2021.

CVD and principally CHD and Stroke, are the leading causes of global mortality and
major contributors to disability. CVD burden continues its decade long rise for almost
all countries and not only high income ones. Prevalence of total CVD cases nearly
doubled from 271m in 1990 to 523m in 2019 and the number of CVD deaths increased
from 12.1m in 1990 to 18.6 m in 2019.

So the First day of the meeting we will discuss the most important risk factor for CVD
which continues to be Hypertension, the key messages from the recent published ESC
Guidelines for Heart Failure, the recent published trials in the field of Diabetes, an update
in the Management of Chronic Coronary Syndromes and finally other important
topics, such as PAD, Stroke and Dementia, Prevention of Sudden Death and how to
treat the very Elderly.

The Second day will be dedicated to thrombosis and we will cover special and
important topics for thromboprofylaxis with NOAC’s in patients with NVAF, in the
elderly, in CKD, in VTD, in women, post PCI and finally the role of Antidotes.

The presence of Opinion Leaders and Experts from all around the world shall ensure
the success of the meeting.

We cordially invite all of you to join this International Symposium.

Prof. Raul Izaguirre
Prof. Athanasios J. Manolis
Prof. Juan Verdejo
Co-Presidents of the Meeting

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