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International Congress of Cardiology - “From Scientific Evidence to Clinical Practice”

In these last years we have witnessed an explosive growth of Cardiology involving both diagnosis and therapy fields. This has resulted in a marked improvement of patients’ management. Accordingly, a deep review of the diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms for all cardiovascular diseases has been introduced providing new models much more effective in clinical practice. The continuous update of the guidelines by the major international scientific societies (eg. European Society of Cardiology) is the evidence of this wide dynamism of the knowledge in cardiovascular diseases.

For all these reasons, the organization of an International Congress of Cardiology, where will attend international speakers who have highly distinguished in the research and clinic, assumes an important meaning. The main objective of the Congress will be to provide an appropriate scientific updating on major cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, ischemic heart disease, valvular disease, arrhythmias, cardio-oncology. The session dedicated to the heart failure, the prevalence of which is destined to increase in the next years, is going to be focused on the most recent advances in diagnosis, therapy and practical algorithms on patients management according to the last ESC guidelines. In the session on cardiovascular imaging, the role of different modalities will be discussed particularly in the management of serious diseases such as endocarditis, pericarditis etc, even in this case according to the suggestions of the ESC guideline. The session on Ischemic Heart Disease will be focused on: the novel aspects of cardiovascular prevention, the state of the art in the coronary percutaneous revascularization, the medical therapy, particularly the antiplateles drugs, the importance of assessing patients prognosis and risk stratification. The cardiac oncology is a matter which is taking more and more interest , for the important diagnostic and therapeutic implications, in a patient population that is likely to grow more and more. In the session devoted to this topic will be precisely analyzed, as well as state of the art, all the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects necessary for proper clinical management of these patients. In the field of valve heart diseases (VHD) in recent years we have seen a remarkable development of pathophysiological knowledge and the therapeutic possibilities of these patients, especially as regards the percutaneous treatment of aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation. In the session dedicated to VHD and in some lectures will be dealt with all these issues, and will be focused the current pathophysiological, diagnostic and therapeutic problems. The session on arrhythmias has as its main aim to focus the importance of diagnostic, prognostic and management of certain conditions at high risk of sudden cardiac death. 

The program also includes some lectures on topics such as 'pulmonary hypertension, “the impact of cardiovascular diseases in Europe”, the “left ventricle non compaction”. 

Proff. Scipione Carerj and Giuseppe Oreto
Co-President of the Meeting

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