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The endometrium is at the heart of the female genital system. The menstrual flow,distinctive to the primates, has timed the daily lives of humanity for centuries. The unique cyclic change of human endometrial cells are controlled by the harmonious interaction between hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovaries, thus making the endometrium proliferate, differentiate, exfoliate and then reproduce. Since the sixties, our knowledge on endometrial physiology coupled to biochemical discoveries has allowed the opportunity to modulate and control endometrial changes.
Disorders of human endometrium and menstrual cycle are major causes of morbidity in women. In addition, the treatment of such conditions presents an enormous clinical challenge, especially since some of the treatments used can themselves result in further menstrual and hormonal complications.
The aim of this congress is provide in-depth review of current knowledge of the endometrial physiology pathophysiology, investigations, and treatment of endometrial disorders. The emphasis of this particular scientific meeting is not only on the theoretical, but also on the practical aspects in the management of these common clinical conditions. World-leading experts will outline menstruation from physiological and pathological perspectives, wishing to improve knowledge of gynecologists and family practitioners of this utmost important gynecological key player. 
Bologna is a town with a historical cultural tradition of hospitality and openness to people. The University of Bologna is the oldest of the Western World and one of the largest in Italy. We hope that our guests will benefit from scientific content of the meeting, and have a chance to enjoy Bologna culture.

We look forwards to welcoming you to Bologna 

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Il premio Nobel Louis Ignarro

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