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The meeting will evaluate several medical aspects of human life from an interdisciplinary perspective, specifically focusing on gender differences. The conference will examine the influence of lifestyle and age on gender aspects throughout life, from childhood to old age. A further objective will be to discuss gender differences in addiction. This has traditionally been considered a male problem, but the most recent studies demonstrate, at least in western countries, that both alcoholism and tobacco dependence are rapidly increasing in women - and even more alarmingly, in young women. There is thus a need for new preventive and therapeutic strategies to fully address addiction in both genders. The conference will also evaluate new advances in therapeutic approaches to cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes mellitus and obesity, the new pandemia of the third millennium, in both men and women. New approaches to gender research in both preclinical and clinical studies are urgently required to address new health needs in both genders, in order to expand therapeutic aspects and improve individual quality of life as well as healthcare sustainability. Finally, the meeting will discuss ongoing national and international processes in gender medicine and the future of gender medicine itself, through the intersection of gender with independent factors such as age and lifestyle.

Presidents of the Meeting Prof. Flavia Franconi Prof. Andrea Lenzi Prof. Luigi Milella

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Comunicato Stampa:
Il premio Nobel Louis Ignarro

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