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Across Asthma, COPD & COVID-19 through the novelties - 2


Chronic obstructive respiratory diseases include firstly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, both are frequent and common and affects an high number of subjects around the world. Specifically about 200 milion people suffer from asthma, a common disease among children and more than 3 milion people die each year from COPD, an estimated 6 of all deaths worldwide. Therefore, to better inform prevention, screening, treatment, and research efforts dedicated to chronic respiratory diseases, are crucial to understand their prevalence, morbidity, and mortality, both on global and regional scales. Additionally, is important to underline that chronic respiratory diseases are common and are associated with substantial morbidity and mortality, but also highlight the heterogeneity of chronic respiratory disease related health burden and risk factors by world region and sex.
These diseases are responsable of important symptoms as shortness of breath, wheeze, dyspnea, cough and comorbidity conditioning disability, reduced physical activity, impaired quality of life and also mortality.
Therefore, inncreasing research funding is essential to develop strategies to detect chronic respiratory diseases at their earliest stage and to accelerate the discovery of novel therapies, which are sorely needed for these diseases. During the years various form of treatment have been developed in order to help patients for symptoms improvement, better quality of life and reducing mortality SARS-CoV-2 and the related COVID-19 has caused a pandemic and high number of thats worldwide. The clinical spectrum can range from mild simptoms to severe hypoxic respiratory failure, sepsis,multiorgan involvement and death.
The objective of the present meeting is focused on the possibility to give medical doctors the new and more recent informations regarding pathophysiology, clinical presentations and therapies of chronic respiratory diseases, with particular attention to COPD and Asthma, and COVID-19 pandemic. All these points in order to help the clinical managemnt and research activity.

Scientific Directors:

Prof. Marcos Restrepo
San Antonio Texas, USA

Prof. Pierachille Santus
Milan, ITALY

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