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4th International Meeting of the Menarini Foundation on Nephrolithiasis Renal Stones in Practice: an advanced Course

20/06/2019 - 22/06/2019
Verona (Italia)
Sala Mascagni, Hotel Leon d’Oro

Participants: pairs of fellows in Nephrology and Urology from the Italian postgraduate schools of Urology and Nephrology interested in the comprehensive treatment of the renal stone former.
Number: 18 couples from Italy (they will form 3 small working groups). Lectures will have a number of clinical cases embedded for an interactive discussion with the audience.
After the three previous very successful meeting held in Rome on 2013, 2015 and 2017 we are launching the 4th one which will be held in Verona. In 2013 we wanted to explore nephrolithiasis as a systemic disorder, and in 2015 to discuss very practical issues at the aim of drawing a Consensus Statement on the treatment of the patient with idiopathic calcium nephrolithiasis. We are facing a sort of crisis in the field of treating patients with nephrolithiasis. On one side the terrific technological advancement that has brought in the surgical theatre tools for truly mini-invasive treatments of stones, absorbing almost totally the attention of urologists who have lesser and lesser time for stone metaphylaxis; on the other, very few nephrologists know how to do stone metaphylaxis because the easy non-invasive removal of stones is perceived as sufficient. However, the stone patient not only is a stone former, but has multiple, and frequently more severe, systemic disorders of which the passage of stones is just a clinical marker. Thus, too many patients, while receiving state-of-the-art urological treatments for removing their stones, do not receive an adequate attention from the metabolic and diagnostic stand point.

To fill this gap, in this 4th meeting, we aim to some extent replicate the successful format of the 3rd meeting. Few months after the course we submitted a survey to participants. Results were extremely positive. The meeting was very appreciated by both the Faculty and the “audience” for many different reasons: It run in a kind of seclusion where faculty members and attendants had the unique chance to interact in a friendly way and sharing scientific knowledge and clinical experience in a very bidirectional way; The pairs of attendants (each formed by one urologist and one nephrologist) had the possibility to strengthen a clinical alliance; Attendants increased their scientific knowledge and, by sharing experiences, their clinical skills; Faculty members had the opportunity to discuss new and “old” findings because of top levels lectures. Thus, the structure of the 2019 Meeting will be the one of a seminar made of lectures (by Faculty members), clinical cases (presented by attendants and discussed by both attendants and faculty members), and small group works (formed by attendants and Faculty members). The seminar will be preceded by a satellite meeting of experts on the investigation of urine in nephrolithiasis. This aspect of the stone patient investigation although important has been neglected so far and no guideline or consensus statement have addressed it. The aim of the Satellite workshop on urine analysis for the investigation of the renal stone former is therefore to reach a Consensus and develop a Statement between international experts in the field. Results will be presented for discussion and further refinement to the Faculty.

Emanuele Croppi and Giovanni Gambaro
Co-Presidents of the Meeting


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