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Breaking the cardiovascular continuum through understanding, recognition, treatment and prevention of the disease - 4I – paradigm: Introduce, Interpret, Interact, Implement

Dear Colleagues,

on behalf of the Organizing Committee, it’s a pleasure to invite you to attend the International Congress “Breaking the Cardiovascular Continuum through Understanding, Recognition, Treatment and Prevention of the Disease”.

The cardiovascular disease still remains one of the major threat to human health and well-being. Nevertheless, we are aware that significant progress in our understanding of the disease has contributed to reduce its level of morbidity and mortality and that a better comprehension of the pathophysiological mechanisms, the development of novel therapeutic agents, and the evidence of landmark clinical trial data have confirmed the concept of a cardiovascular disease continuum and reinforced the paradigm that intervention at any point along this chain can modify progression of the disease.

Our aim is to carry on the process of acknowledgment and expertise of cardiologists and other healthcare professionals coming from all over the world, sharing information on basic science, risk factors, organ-target damage and outcomes as well as discussing the updated recent guidelines of relevant cardiovascular conditions.

We believe that the meeting of experts, clinicians and scientists will fuel spark and contribute to sharing approaches, enhancing cooperation and shaping the future of cardiovascular disease management models.

Attending the Congress won’t mean only a scientific experience, but also a cultural and social opportunity; you will be our guest for the Gala Dinner held in the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania, the most important building of the city and we will do our best to leave you some spare time to enjoy Vilnius and its environment, seizing the occasion to know our culture, our history and our touristic insights. We hope you will enjoy your stay in Lithuania!

The Co-Chairs of the Congress
Remigijus Zaliunas
Rimvydas Slapikas
Germanas Marinskis
Zaneta Petrulioniene

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