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International Workshop on: Mastery in Interventional Pulmonology. The road map towards the competence.

Interventional Pulmonology (IP) is a subspecialty of pulmonary medicine that focuses on the evaluation and management of thoracic diseases, primarily involving the airways, lung parenchyma, and pleural space, using minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. IP is experiencing a rapid evolution of new technologies, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary care. The diversity of these procedures, and their application in patients with more complex conditions, is leading to the need for more specific training recommendations within this subspeciality. In specialty training on Pulmonary Medicine the Core Curriculum envisages the acquisition of competency in basic diagnostic flexible bronchoscopy, but there is no overall programme including complex diagnostic procedures such as endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), bronchoscopic navigation, thoracoscopy and operative procedures. 
Professional competence in medicine includes knowledge, clinical skills and capabilities, personal attitudes and behaviours. George Miller, back in 1990, proposed a model for the assessment of clinical competence based on the layers of a virtual pyramid, integrating basic knowledge with clinical skills and personal skills into the actions performed. R. Mehay and R. Burns adapted the Miller triangle to include the knowledge, skill and attitude domains of learning and thus called it ‘Miller’s Prism’. Dent and Harden have added a 5th level called ‘Mastery’ to make the distinction between one who can perform a skill with competence to one who can perform it in an expert or masterful way. The Workshop on “Mastery in Interventional Pulmonology - The road map towards the competence” will cover the knowledges, skills and behaviours needed to train an interventional polivalent pulmonologist with mastery on this important subspecialty. 
The final aim is to have a debate about the core curriculum, training methodology, tools and assessment in IP in different countries.

                                                                    LORENZO CORBETTA
Associate Professor of Respiratory Diseases – University of Florence
Director of the University Master in Interventional Pulmonology
Scientific Director of European Association for Bronchologyand Interventional Pulmonology (EABIP)
University Hospital of Careggi, Florence, Italy

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